Why Android is Better than iOS

I was analyzing the smartphones sales’ figure of past two quarters of the current year, and I came across an interesting point – Android’s win over iOS with a big margin. We all know very well that Android has beaten iOS in the smartphone sector. But, have you ever wondered what made it happen? Why Android is better than iOS? Check out the reasons below.


Android’s Openness

You might know that Android is an open source OS. Due to this, there are hundreds of thousands of developers who are always working to make games and apps for it. This is because of Android’s openness and hence huge developer base only why Android’s official app store ‘Google Play’ is all full with games and apps related to several categories. Android’s openness is not working good for developers only, but is also resulting in bringing more and more new users/customers in the list.

Custom ROMs 

Like I said, Android’s developer base is huge. These developers work hard to make custom ROMs. It is because of custom ROMs and Firmwares only why a particular customer keeps stick to one particular Android device for a long. Custom ROMs and Firmwares let users bring improvement/refreshment in their Android device. Means, an Android user is free to do anything with his/her device. Google and/or device manufacturer don’t object at all.

More Free Apps and Games 

You might not agree with this, but it’s well-researched fact; not only by me, but by many others. You can verify it by spending some time in Google Play and App Store. Just 5 mins of research will give you idea about this point. You’ll say yourself- Yeah, this is one of the biggest reasons why Android is better than iOS. Come on, the word ‘Free’ is damn attractive. I love that, you love that, everyone loves that. No one likes to lighten his/her pocket for the apps and games. Free ones are welcomed by everyone, right?

Multiple Devices

If any person wants to buy an iOS smartphone, then he/she does have only a few options to choose one from, while on the contrary, there are many options in case of Android. All thanks to Android’s features that have helped in attracting manufacturers. The smartphone market is all full of Android smartphones. This is one of the major reasons why Android has left iOS behind on the popularity graph.

Google’s Name

Yeah, believe or not, this one is out of top-notch reasons why Android is better than iOS. Google is like second name of trust. This company has earned that much reputation that every new service, product is welcomed by huge audience. People have trust on Google, and so do on their product ‘Android’. All features of Android devices, the aforementioned reasons, and trust factor contribute to make Android better than iOS.

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