Top 5 RSS Feed Readers for Android

RSS or Rich Site Summary is a web feed format that updates information, news, audio, headlines, video, and blog entries frequently. RSS feeds allow publishers to syndicate data automatically. RSS feed is also useful for the users who want receive regular updates from the websites they are following for. Once you’ve subscribed to the RSS feeds, you don’t have to check the site manually; browser will monitor the website and will inform the user constantly.

So far Google Reader was the most used RSS reader on Android smartphones. But after Google discontinued the Google Reader, it has left many searching for a replacement. So, here you are your best alternatives.


1. Feedly

Feedly is the free and recommended replacement of Google Reader. According to the reports, almost all the users have migrated to the Feedly from Google Reader. Feedly was the first one to offer the Google Reader replacement service as they have developed their own backend service named Normandy. It has a nice and clean interface with a variety of viewing effects. It offers wonderful view to those who want to look at the pictures, for the pros who want to read the content quickly, and for those who want to have the magazine view. They always add crazy features like new syncing service, keyboard shortcuts, extension free webapp and many more.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard has become very popular after Google Reader discontinuation news. It have magazine style layout with big text, larger pictures, and easy to use interface. This app is very easy to use and has simple steps to go through it. Everything can be controlled with up and down swipes and some screen taps. You just have to swipe up and down to take a look at feeds, then select a feed and tap on the feed to view the article. You can also swipe up and down to search through the content of the feed. Flipboard also becomes annoying at some point as you have to take lot of swipes to view the contents.

3. Google Currents

If you are seeking Google source for the Google reader replacement then you can try Google Currents. If you want a fun way to read something new during any appointment then Google reader can be the right feed reader for you. It has a pretty good interface. You can swipe left and right to view the feeds and scroll up and down to go through the list of articles.

4. Pulse News

Pulse News has a different approach from other RSS readers. Instead of following other traditional readers’ features you can try Pulse which has visualized interface. It turns your articles and their content into images and visualizes the stories.

5. News360

News360 is altogether a different reader from others. You can like or dislike the area of the content you are looking for. It will give you the content on the lists of articles you have liked for. You just have to swipe left and right to view the stories and click on the story to read inside the article. Once you are into the article, you can select different blogs that have covered the same story. Thus, you can have different points of view on the same topic. News360 is a great concept because of its manually built feeds.

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