Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone

I know your iPhone is an amazing device, but making it ‘more’ amazing will not hurt you, right? So, it’s time to make your iPhone even more interesting than ever before. Wondering how? Installing some top notch augmented reality apps is all you need. There are many apps available in the App Store, and you might have already installed a few of them. Here is a list of the five best augmented reality apps for iPhone.

1. Layar


There is no app better than this in the augmented apps category for iPhone. More than 30 millions downloads have already been done. Such a huge no. of users can’t be wrong. Use this app to scan magazines, newspapers, posters and products. Browse for popular places, ATMs, restaurants, etc, near around you. Scan QR codes in an effective manner with single tap on the screen. This app is available for free from App Store.

2. Wikitude World Browser


If you have ever searched for augmented reality apps for iPhone, then you must have come across this name. Wikitude app is used by millions of iPhone users. With this app, you can browse 100 million places and well-written content. You can estimate the quantity of content from the fact that it comes from more than 3,500 content providers living worldwide. You can search for locations nearby, and can also search by name. If you want to find tweets, events, Wikipedia content and ATMs, then there is nothing better than this app. If you ever get bored, then just play popular AR games like Alien Attack, Swat The Fly, etc.

3. Metro AR Pro


If you are living in New York, Chicago, Paris, London, then there is nothing better than this Augmented Reality app for you. Find the closest subway or metro station with a single tap on this app. The app is quite simple to use, thanks to its easily understandable user interface. This app is recommended to all tourists out of you. It can be your best buddy during travel.

4. Yelp


Yet another amazing augmented reality app, that is must have for all travelers out of you. This app is really helpful in finding great food nearby. If you want to perform this task via augmented reality, then just tap on “Monocle” that lies at the top right corner of this app. Finding good food around you through iPhone’s camera is really interesting, right?

5. AR: Augmented Car Finder


Parked your car somewhere, but can’t recall the location? This is where this app comes into use. Using iPhone’s GPS, this app gives you idea about how far the car is parked. Not only that, it also guides in reaching that location. So, next time if you forget where you parked the car, there is no need of wasting time by asking people about it. Just use this app and solve your problem. Be smart!

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