Rotimatic: The Automatic Roti Making Machine for Home Use

Technology has moved one more step towards the kitchen by inventing “Rotimatic”. Rotimatic, as the name itself suggests, is a machine that automatically makes roti (Indian bread). It is the world’s first fully automatic roti making machine invented by a company named Zimplistic in Singapore. Zimplistic Pte Ltd. is a company with goal to design products to improve lives of the people. It will be available in India in first quarter of 2014. Basically it has been made to simplify Indian wife’s life.

It has stylish looks and occupies less space. It consists of three boxes – first one for ‘flour’, second one for ‘water’ and third one for ‘oil’. It has the capacity to hold ingredients for making 20 rotis, and make one roti per minute. The machine works smoothly without making much noise.


All types of wheat flour brands can be used. It saves you from wasting your ingredients by giving you an option of making rotis of different sizes and thickness. It also gives you an option to choose how soft roti you want – this option is helpful if you have any elderly person who can’t chew harder things. When you feel like eating pooris, Rotimatic also provides you an option of making doughballs and flour discs. It is simple to clean; just remove the parts and wash them with water and then again induce them into the machine.

This product is highly useful as today’s world has become workaholic and people hardly get any time to look after themselves. It is a time saving device that is also easy to use. It is also useful for students or children who don’t like outside food and live alone at home or away from home. Housewives in India are always busy working and preparing food in kitchen. Rotimatic will give them time to spend on other things and enjoy food with their family.

Not just for housewives, it also useful for working women as they come tired working whole day in the office and don’t feel like preparing rotis. It not only gives out simple rotis, you can also add a bit of flavour like salt, spice etc. You will also find it useful in making different kinds of dishes like stuffed bread, etc. since it helps you make flour discs of different size and thickness.

The makers of Rotimatic say that it took them about five years to develop the technology behind this machine. It’s not that this is the first automatic machine to make rotis; there were many roti making machines invented even before this but most of these are used to make rotis in bulk and occupy a large space, thus making them unsuitable for home use. So, Rotimatic arguably is the first fully automatic machine to make rotis at home.

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