How to Have a Proper Computer Cleaning

In order to make sure that your computer functions at its maximum capacity, you need to, every once in a while, perform a computer cleaning. But see to it that you do it in the right way. Here are some mistakes that are best avoided:


1. Using air compressor

Using an air compressor without reading the can instructions. This can lead to liquid release that can freeze your computer and result in other damages. Also do not forget to turn off the machine prior to using this compressor.

2. Cleaning the monitor

Cleaning the monitor with a direct spraying on its surface. Always make use of a soft cloth to clean the screen because spraying directly the liquid on it can leak into the monitor and destroy its components. Instead spray the cleaning solution on the recommended cloth and use it to wipe clean the monitor.

3. Assembling parts and components

Putting the parts together in the wrong way. Pay attention when you disassemble the hard unit for cleaning computer at this part. Since dusting it is a must at least two times per year, you should know how to pull out the parts and assemble them back together in the right way.

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