How to Get More Twitter Followers Fast and Easy

Building your follower base on Twitter is by no means an easy feat. As more businesses join Twitter, getting new followers and retaining the existing ones gets closer to walking a tight rope. You consistently need to maintain the uniqueness, novelty and quality of your tweets while continuing to feed your account with regular updates. So, how do you get real Twitter followers fast and easily? Here are some quick tips.

1. Tweet great content

In order to attract more followers, you should always strive to tweet useful, interesting and shareable content. Once people start associating you with the kind of content they look forward to, they will be tempted to follow you. Let it not be always about your own business, tweet about others as well. You can tweet witty and funny quotes, interesting and rare images, etc. but try to keep it relevant to your industry.

2. Tweet frequently and at right time

Remember, Twitter is a ‘happening right now’ platform and all users are not active all the time. This calls for tweeting even the same content frequently and at the right time depending upon what time most of your target audience is active. You can use Hootsuite and similar social media tools to schedule your tweets. However, be careful not to go overboard for that would annoy your existing followers instead of attracting new ones.

3. Follow, retweet, comment and engage

Follow influencers and leaders of your industry. Identify thought leaders and engage them. Retweet the content you find meaningful and worth sharing. Comment on the tweets you like, ask questions and strike up a conversation. Associating and engaging with other users will definitely give you more followers and reciprocation in terms of retweets, favorite tweets, etc.

4. Use #hashtags

Hashtag is an easy way to discover content on Twitter. It links your tweets with a topic of your choice and helps other users find them. So, if you want your tweet to turn up in search results for a particular topic, you should use that topic or word as a hashtag. Twitter displays a list of trending hashtags globally as well as regionally. If you can associate your tweet with these hashtags, it will give your tweet more exposure since these are the topics that are being searched by a huge number of users. So, in other words, tweet on trending topics with relevant hashtags.

5. Promote yourself

Promote your Twitter handle as much as you can… through your blog, website, email, contests, linking to other social media platforms, so on and so forth. It will help your friends, customers and people from different circles connect with you on Twitter.

In addition to these, another way to get more followers in a quick and easy manner is to buy them from reliable providers like Devumi’s Twitter Followers. Remember, there is no dearth of low quality providers in this industry. So, make sure you read reviews before buying Twitter followers. Ask your vendor the method they’ll follow to add to your followers list. Avoid handing over your password.

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