How to Deal with Your Emails in a Faster Way

Emails have been and still are the mostly used form of communication, no matter the features that have emerged with the social networking possibilities. Now it may be that you have to deal with a lot of emails daily and want to find a better way to deal with them without having to spend too much time.

Let’s take a look at the things you can do:


1. Consider limiting your number of accounts to a few, such as getting hold of a single email account for those sites (that send regular newsletters) where you have to sign in for an account. Bank accounts along with credit card accounts should be kept separately and you have a more simplified manner to deal with your electronic mails.

2. Make use of the ‘forward’ feature with emails that are too many and cannot delete them all at once. Send them to a particular account and once they are there you can easily go through them and delete them or keep the ones you need.

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