5 Best Zombie Games for Android Devices

If you like to play games on Android, then I’m pretty sure that you are having many incredible games installed on your Android smartphone/tablet. By the way, what type of games do you like to play? Like Zombie games? If yes, then this is the article meant for you.

Since there are thousands of zombie games in Google Play, selecting the best ones was not a simple task. Anyway, that tough task is over, and here is the outcome. Here are the top zombie games to play on your Android phone or tablet.

1. Zombie Dash


This game is an endless shooting adventure. Your task is to kill all zombies, as they have surrounded the city. You are supposed to become hero of the city and save it. This game is blessed with visually stunning updated graphic and weapons. The gameplay is just awesome, thanks to 4 different adventure world that this game comes with. This game is available for free. Head over to Google Play, and install this game on your Android device, right away!


samurai-vs-zombies-defenseIf you consider Google Play’s average star-rating system anything to go with, then you will surely get attracted by the stats of this game. The average star rating of this game is 4.6. It is based on more than 1 lac users. Zombies in this game are pretty dangerous. They have covered your village. You are required to play role of heroic Samurai, the deadly Kunoichi Assassin, and the stalwart Armored Ronin. This game is multi-level game. Clearing any particular level is not any simple task, but not a tough one, as well. Good gameplay and right use of weapons is all what you need to make all zombies history.

3. Stupid Zombies


Desires of zombies are touching the sky. They don’t just want to rule any single village, city, but want to rule whole human race. Their desire tell us how stupid they have become. But, it’s not about what we feel, instead, we should prove it. Prove it by making them history. Just kill these zombies and don’t let their desires touch reality.

4. Plants Vs Zombies 


Yet another superb zombie game available for Android devices. There are 26 type of zombies exist in this game, that include Pole-Vaulters, Snorkelers and Bucketheads. Kill them all! You should play smartly, so as to conquer 50 levels of Adventure mode. This game is available for $1. Believe me, this price is nothing as compared to fun and excitement that you will have while playing this game on your Android device.

5. Zombie Frontier


People are turning into zombies because of bad impact of T viruses that have spread in the air. Luckily, you are one of the survivors. Fight against the zombies, make them dead. Be fast and smart while doing so. Zombies are hard to defeat, literally.

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