5 Best Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Gone are the days when ‘advanced’ or say ‘expert’ Android users were hard to find. Rooting an Android device has become common thing, thanks to easily available rooting guides. There are many reasons to root an Android device. Best of all is to become eligible to install root-only apps. If you have rooted your Android device for the same reason, then chances are that you are looking out for some root-only apps. Here are some of the top Android apps for rooted devices.

1. Titanium Backup

titanium-backup-appTaking backup of data from time to time is what is advised by every Android expert. If you consider this a complex task, don’t like to do so, then I bet that you’ll start loving it when you’ll use Titanium Backup for it. Take backup of all data with single tap on the screen – what can be more simple than this? The best thing is that you can use this app to take backup of particular apps of your choice, as well. Moreover, you can move data from internal storage to SD card, and can also sync app data with your Dropbox account.

2. SetCPU


Improve performance and battery backup of your Android device by using this app on it. You can control CPU and GPU speed of your Android device by using SetCPU. You can set up different profiles to change your settings under certain conditions. Since the user interface is quite simple, so it does not matter if you are a newbie or an expert, you’ll find this app easy-to-use.

3. Greenify


Kill all useless apps running in the background and causing drop in performance of your device, by using this free app. The apps running in background are the main reason of poor battery backup, as well. Improve both performance and battery backup by bringing an end to those over-smart apps. Apart from this, Greenify is powerful in recognizing malware and then removing it. Recommended app for all those out of you who always complain about the slow performance and poor battery backup of their Android device.

4. Screencast Video Recorder


Android devices let you take screenshot, but what about screen recording? Ever wanted to do that? You can do so by installing this app on your Android device. It captures screen at high frame rates and creates MPEG4 video with audio. This is best app for creating tutorials, recording gameplay etc.

5. NoBloat


Preloaded apps are good, but not always! If you don’t like any particular preloaded app on your Android device, and want to remove it, then this is the app meant for you. Remove the preloaded app completely by using this app. You no longer need to deal with such ‘forced’ app(s).

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