5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Devices

Have you got some important data in your Android device? Yes? Well, nothing surprising, as Android devices are no longer meant for fun only, but for business as well. If you are having some important data or even apps in your device, then you must be concerned about its security. If you haven’t taken any security measures to keep your Android device protected from viruses, spyware etc. it’s time to do so now. You can do it by installing an antivirus app in your device. Google Play, the official Android app store, has got many antivirus apps. Here are the best ones.

1. Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

avast-mobile-security-appYou might be using Avast! Antivirus on your PC to keep it protected from viruses, are you? Whether or not, I bet you are well aware from the security level this popular antivirus brings. With its Android app, you can have the same protection level on your Android device. You can run manual scan of all files and apps of your Android device, at anytime you want to. The real-time scan feature of this app makes sure that all new data coming into your Android device is free from viruses. Not only the protection from malicious files, but this antivirus app can help you in finding lost Android device as well.

2. AVG Antivirus Security


Bring the top-notch protection to your Android device’s files and apps by using this antivirus app. If you are one among those many who access web on their Android device, then this app is recommended for you, as it provides the protection from online threats, and thus offers safe & secure mobile Internet experience.

3. Lookout Security & Antivirus 


Run a custom scan, or schedule the automatic scan – choice is yours! This antivirus continuously keeps checking the apps and data, so as to ensure that your Android device is running virus-free. This app is quite famous for its ‘Find My Phone’ feature. It has helped many in finding their lost Android device. So, along with the antivirus feature, the one mentioned latter, is nothing less than a bonus, agree?

4. Norton Security Antivirus 


Yet another popular antivirus available in Google Play. Norton has been favorite of many PC users for many years. The Android version is also doing well, and has got average 4.5-star rating from the users who have downloaded it. This app has got all features that ensure the protection of your important data. I’ve been using this app on my Android device for around 6 months. Like all of its users, I recommend this app to all those out of you looking for high-end antivirus solution.

5. Dr. Web Anti-virus Light


The best feature about this antivirus is that it does not effect the performance of device. Just like most of the antivirus apps listed above, this one comes with real-time scanning feature. All superb features of this app contribute to make it stand in this list of best antivirus apps.

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